Prize Papers: Ethnizität

Notation prizepapers_ethnicity
Definition The vocabulary of "ethnicity" comprises concepts of group affiliation as identified by the Prize Papers Project in the Prize Papers Collection. These group affiliations can be based on several, and eventually multiple factors such as topoi of shared (regional) origin and/or "heimat"; topoi of a shared history, myth of foundation, and/or fate; a common religious ancestry and/ or (minority) language. In contrast to (pure) religious affiliation for example, ethnic affiliation carries a strong hereditary/ ancestral moment. – or: In contrast to religious affiliation, ethnic affiliation juxtaposes affiliation by ancestry and heritage rather than the spiritual aspect of religious faith.en
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Oberste Begriffe 2764f666-4894-444d-9451-1903ce0e2d59
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
created 2018-10-23
issued 2018-10-23
modified 2022-01-20

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