dbe8197e-6f62-4268-8780-64c2e1e579c6 Glasmaler

URI http://uri.gbv.de/terminology/person_role/dbe8197e-6f62-4268-8780-64c2e1e579c6
Notation dbe8197e-6f62-4268-8780-64c2e1e579c6
Identifier http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300386222
Label Stained glass artisten
Glaziers (stained glass artists)en
Glasiers (stained glass artists)en
Artists, stained glassen
Hinweis People or corporate bodies who design and construct stained glass works, which are windows or other objects made of glass colored by adding metallic oxides to the molten glass.en
KOS person_role Beruf / Tätigkeit von Person
publisher Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG)
created 2016-12-06
issued 2016-12-06
modified 2019-12-11

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