URI http://uri.gbv.de/terminology/person_role/6c80a7d7-61d4-499e-abb2-cb103f46e80b
Identifier http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300386335
Label Textile designeren
Designers, textileen
Hinweis People and corporate bodies who specialize in the design of textiles, which are materials produced by weaving, felting, knotting, twining, or otherwise processing natural or synthetic fibers. Included may be those who create designs for finished textile art works, or designs for the textile materials, such as patterns to be printed on fabrics.en
KOS http://uri.gbv.de/terminology/person_role/ Berufe / Tätigkeiten von Personen
publisher Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG)
modified 2019-12-11

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