Label Adhesiveen
Definition The concept of "adhesives" applies for “Substances, in the form of a liquid, paste, powder, or dry film; used for sticking or adhering one surface to another. Substances capable of holding materials together by a surface attachment.” (Language of Bindings) Adhesives (e.g. seals and wafers) are used in letterlocking as a means of securing a letter shut. They are usually applied to two overlapping sections of the substrate, affixing them together. Common adhesives include beeswax, shellac, and other resins; plant starches; gelatins; and pressure-sensitive or heat-sensitive synthetic materials. Clay and mud are used similarly in earlier examples of document security. Adhesives constitute one of the most important, and frequently the most obvious, structural and security devices in letterlocking, since their adhesion must be intentionally broken if the letter is to be opened. They interact closely with folds, stabs, and other kinds of intentional damage in the letterlocking process. (DoLL 2016)en
KOS prizepapers_signs_of_handling Prize Papers: Signs of handling
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
created 2019-04-24
issued 2019-04-24
modified 2020-07-24

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