cd1b58b6-95c5-4e35-b79e-8c5c68a3ec9b Souls on Board

Notation cd1b58b6-95c5-4e35-b79e-8c5c68a3ec9b
Definition To summarise (and count where possible) all living creatures such as human beings and animals found on board of the ships represented by the Prize Papers Collection, they are all understood as "live cargo". Crew members, enslaved people, captives and prisoners, passengers are distinguished from all animal live cargo in respective separate categories.en
KOS prizepapers_lading_type Prize Papers: Ladungstyp
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universit├Ąt Oldenburg
created 2019-05-06
issued 2019-05-06
modified 2022-06-28

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