Forced journey

Hinweis This type must only be used for the journey of a captured ship immediatly following the "journey interrupted by journey".en
Definition This concept applies to the journey of a captured ship after it was seized. Generally, key crew members were replaced by a so-called prize crew and the ship was forced to head for a nearby harbor. A "forced journey" must depart from a place of capture and must end in a place with a harbour or port. For a "forced journey" ending in another place of capture, meaning, that a seized ship was retaken or taken by yet another capturing party, see "forced journey interrupted by capture".en
KOS Prize Papers: Reisetyp
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universit├Ąt Oldenburg
created 2019-07-10
issued 2019-07-10
modified 2020-07-24

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