b1256347-2308-4afe-a7df-75e3e67c2e17 Gabriel de Zuolaga, Governor of the Province of Venezuela in 1736-1747

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Notation b1256347-2308-4afe-a7df-75e3e67c2e17
Definition Gabriel José de Zuloaga and Moyúa was born in Handarribia (Sain) on 13 July 1684 and dies in Madrid in 1764. He was a Spanish military and colonial administrator, became Lieutenant General and served as governor of the Porvince Venezuela from 1737 to 1747. He participated in the Seat War with the British.en
KOS prizepapers_actor Prize Papers: Person
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
created 2021-12-09
issued 2021-12-09
modified 2021-12-20

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