115bc5a7-12d7-45d8-acaf-557d0130bfa3 Vice-Admiralty Court of Nova Scotia

URI http://uri.gbv.de/terminology/prizepapers_actor/115bc5a7-12d7-45d8-acaf-557d0130bfa3
Notation 115bc5a7-12d7-45d8-acaf-557d0130bfa3
Label Vice-Admiralty Court in Halifaxzxx
Definition first established in 1720 at Annapolis Royal, moved to halifax in 1749 again est. in 1764 with wide ranging jurisdiction from the Floridas to Newfoundland to enforce the Sugar Act of 1764. Dissolved in 1891en
KOS prizepapers_actor Prize Papers: Person
Anfang 1720
Ende 1891
publisher Carl von Ossietzky Universit├Ąt Oldenburg
created 2021-03-10
issued 2021-03-10
modified 2021-03-23

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