9f101be9-763c-4def-9c6b-3ec0a395ba5b Gartenarchitekten

URI http://uri.gbv.de/terminology/person_role/9f101be9-763c-4def-9c6b-3ec0a395ba5b
Notation 9f101be9-763c-4def-9c6b-3ec0a395ba5b
Identifier http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300386168
Label Gartenplaner
Garden designeren
Designers, gardenen
Hinweis People or corporate bodies who design the plan and features of gardens, which are open space where flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetables, or fruits are grown. Garden designers may be amateurs or professionals. For those who practice the branch of architecture dealing with the design of the scenic environment, including plants and surrounding roads and structures, use "landscape architects."en
KOS person_role Beruf / Tätigkeit von Person
publisher Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG)
created 2016-12-06
issued 2016-12-06
modified 2019-12-13

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