VES Bolívar Soberano

Notation VES
Label Céntimo
Berarbeitungshinweis 2018-08-24: The bolívar soberano (VES) was put into circulation on 20 August 2018, replacing the bolívar (VEF): 1 VES = 100 000 VEF. Although the former bolívar was withdrawn on the same date, some VEF-denominated notes determined by the Central Bank of Venezuela remain in circulation, along with the new currency. The date of termination of the circulation of these notes will be communicated later by the Central Bank.en
KOS currency_iso4271 Währung (ISO 4271)
Anfang 2018-08-20
publisher The European Commission
created 2020-08-25
issued 2020-08-25
modified 2020-08-25

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